• How Much Do You Know About Defoamers?

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    Commonly used defoamers can be classified into silicone (resin), surfactants, alkanes and mineral oils. What kind of performance do they have and what do they apply to? Please look down.

    Different properties and applications of different defoamers

    (How Much Do You Know About Defoamers?)

    1.Silicon (resin)

    This is a silicone defoamer, also known as an emulsion defoamer, which uses an emulsifier (surfactant) to emulsify and disperse the silicone resin in water and then add it to the wastewater. Silica powder is another silicone defoamer with good defoaming effect.

    Such defoamers are mainly suitable for PCB circuit boards (developing, deinking, sewage); chemical (all chemical production and use); electroplating (pharmaceutical production, plating tank); printing and dyeing; papermaking (pulping, papermaking) , sewage link); medicine; waterproof coating; water-based ink; water-based ink; water-based varnish; water-based glue; ceramic slitting and polishing process; steel plate cleaning; aluminum processing; various sewage treatment and various industrial water systems Defoaming and antifoaming aspects. Defoaming of water treatment systems such as cooling cycle hydropower plants. It can quickly eliminate the foam generated by slime, water treatment chemicals, bactericides, etc., and will not block the net when circulating water treatment.



    This antifoaming agent is actually an emulsifier, that is, by the dispersion of the surfactant, the foam-forming substance can be dispersed in a stable emulsified state, thereby avoiding foaming.

    Because the surfactant has a series of physical and chemical effects such as wetting or anti-sticking, emulsification or demulsification, foaming or defoaming, solubilization, dispersion, washing, anti-corrosion, anti-static, etc., and corresponding practical applications, it becomes a kind of flexible and diverse. , a wide range of fine chemical products. Surfactants can be used as a detergent in daily life, and other applications can cover almost all fine chemical fields.


    3.Paraffinic hydrocarbons

    A paraffin is an antifoaming agent prepared by emulsifying and dispersing an alkane wax or a derivative thereof with an emulsifier. Its use effect is similar to surfactant emulsifier defoamer. It has the following seven functions: wetting, micelle and solubilization, emulsification, foaming, suspending, disinfection, descaling and washing.

    It is generally used for wood coatings and furniture coatings, and even curtain curtain coating machines provide curtain stability under construction parameters.


    4. Mineral oil

    Mineral oil is the main component of defoamers. In order to improve the effect, a mixture of a metal soap, a silicone oil, a silica gel, or the like may be used together. Further, in order to allow the mineral oil to easily diffuse to the surface of the foaming liquid or to uniformly disperse the metal soap in the mineral oil, various surfactants may be added.

    The use of mineral oil defoamers. Mineral oil defoamer is compatible with various additives, suitable for defoaming white latex; antifoam in textile printing and dyeing process and foaming in textile printing and dyeing auxiliary; used to eliminate water treatment, pesticide, industrial circulating water, paper washing Harmful foam in industries such as pulp, chemical cleaning, fertilizer anti-caking agents, and petrochemicals.

    Zilibon is a manufacturer with 16 years of application experience. It has more defoaming technology than other defoamers on the market. From the above, we demonstrate the strength of our Zilibon defoamer. We have a group of excellent defoaming engineers and an independent laboratory to promote the defoaming experiment of defoamers, which is difficult for customers to solve. If you would like more information on defoamer products, please call our hotline at 0086 13929201380.

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