• Mining defoamer - Chilean customer visit

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    On August 1,2019, our company hosted a Chilean customer, Luis, who runs a mining company. The visit to the Zilibon was to find a defoamer for  mining.

    Defoamer Used in the World - Zilibon Defoamer

    Mr. Luis searched the Zilibon mining industry processing defoamers through the Internet and found that the defoamer was in line with the expected setting, so he consulted us online and came here to negotiate.

    The mining industry processing defoamer is a water-soluble emulsified product suitable for different foaming systems in mines. It has the advantages of high alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, low dosage, safe and non-toxic, and good chemical stability.

    Mining defoamer - Chilean customer visit

    (Defoamer Used in the World - Zilibon Defoamer)

    After introducing our anti-foaming agent in the mining industry, Luis praised not only for its fast defoaming, but also for its long-lasting defoaming effect and low dosage, which does not affect the basic properties of the foaming system.

    Zilibon is a manufacturer with 16 years of application experience. It has more defoaming technology than other defoamers on the market. From the above, we demonstrate the of our Zilibon defoamer strength. We have a group of excellent defoaming engineers and an independent laboratory to promote the defoaming experiment of defoamers, which is difficult for customers to solve. If you would like more information on defoamer products, please call our hotline at 0086 13929201380.

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