• Application Of Rubber Vulcanization Defoamer In Rubber Production

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    With the popularity of private cars, the demand for rubber is also increasing. Since the rubber itself is softened by heat, hardened by cold, it is difficult to form. In order to improve the performance of rubber products, it is necessary to vulcanize the rubber. But in the production process, the emergence of bubbles has caused many companies to be troubled.


    Application of rubber vulcanization defoamer in rubber production

    So what are the reasons for the rubber vulcanization foaming?

    • The additive added during vulcanization is unevenly dispersed;

    • There are impurities in the vulcanizing agent, and impurities of small molecules decompose in advance, and bubbles remain in the product;

    • When the mill is in use, the rubber surface is covered with air, resulting in insufficient vulcanization and air bubbles on the surface. This will hinder the production process, and the foam will also adhere to the product, which will reduce the quality of the product.

    In order to solve the foam problem, a rubber vulcanization defoamer is required.


    What is a rubber vulcanization defoamer?

    The rubber vulcanization defoamer, also known as rubber hygroscopic agent, rubber defoamer, is a special process of ether, aliphatic alcohol and various active auxiliaries. It can be used as a compounding agent in rubber and some rubber and plastic products, absorbing the water brought in by the filler, vulcanizing agent, accelerator and foaming agent used in the production process, so that there is no pore inside the product. The section is uniform, compact and the surface is smooth and beautiful. This product is especially suitable for the atmospheric pressure vulcanized rubber line and is one of the essential additives.


    The four major effects of adding rubber vulcanization defoamer

    • fast defoaming and long antifoaming time;

    • Less dosage, does not affect the nature of rubber;

    • Good compatibility, no particulate matter, floating objects;

    • Self-emulsion, good dispersibility, no demulsification, fisheye and pinhole phenomenon.

    Rubber vulcanization defoamer can greatly improve the quality of rubber. Now the process has been improved and the performance of this product has been greatly improved.

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