• Performance And Usage Of Emulsified Oil Defoamer

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    Emulsified oil defoamer is widely used in various metal processing such as saponified oil, wire cutting fluid, electric spark working fluid, emulsified oil, drawing oil and various cutting fluids, refined grinding fluid, coolant, industrial cleaning agent and other water systems.In addition, its anti-shearing ability is particularly strong during the grinding process. When the saponified oil is in the water, there is no oil floating phenomenon, and no grease is formed on the surface of the machine tool.

    Product Usage

    1. A special transparent defoamer for fully emulsifying, microemulsified, semi-synthetic, fully synthetic metalworking fluids;

    2. Use silicone dissolving agents on the market to affect the transparency of the product or the occurrence of floating objects;

    3. Use the traditional polyether defoamer on the market, where the defoaming effect is not ideal or the floating object is produced.

     Performance And Usage Of Emulsified Oil Defoamer


    Performance characteristics

    1. Colorless and transparent, it is still clear and transparent when added to the metalworking fluid, and it will not produce turbidity, suspended matter or floating matter. Eliminate the problem of poor water solubility of silicone and polyether defoamers;

    2. Strong anti-foaming, fast defoaming. The defoaming effect is close to that of silicone, which is obviously better than the defoaming effect of polyether;

    3. No adverse effect on other properties of metalworking fluid such as lubricity;

    4. Due to its transparent dissolution effect, the long-lasting defoaming power is not attenuated; this performance is obviously superior to silicone and polyether defoamers, and silicone and polyether defoamers are excellent in a short time. The defoaming effect, as time goes on, the defoaming performance gradually decreases until the normal defoaming requirements are not met;

    5. Under neutral, weakly alkaline, alkaline and acidic conditions, all have outstanding performance;

    6. Excellent compatibility and compatibility with metalworking fluids

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