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    Industrial-grade defoamers, known as "industrial MSG," must have been commonplace. But do you know that defoamers are also added to foods such as cakes, soy milk, milk tea, hot pot and so on. Maybe everyone will ask if the defoamer will not be poisonous and harmful to the body? of course not! Because the refined food grade emulsifier is produced in food grade polysiloxane, it meets the production standards of the food department and contains no preservatives and harmful materials. It will be excreted from the human body according to the food.

     So how does the foam in the food come about?

    Our daily diet is made up of raw materials, food additives, and flavor materials. If the ratio of raw materials is different, it will produce a lot of foam after being stirred by the machine and cooked for a long time. At this time, the addition of the food fermentation defoaming agent can suppress the generation of foam, quickly defoam and does not affect the taste of the taste.

     food fermentation defoamer


    Harm of food fermentation foaming:

    1. Cost increase: bubbles generated during food fermentation will increase production costs;

    2. Destroying the inter-bacterial reaction: food fermentation is a natural chemical reaction between beneficial bacteria, and foaming will affect its reaction effect;

    3. Increase other bacteria: foaming will allow air to enter and cultivate other strains that affect the quality and safety of food;


    Characteristics of food fermentation defoamer:

    1. Follow food safety standards and add to the fermentation broth together with the base fluid

    2. Good stability, it will not affect its fermentation effect and chemical reaction after reacting with the product.

    3. The defoaming effect is good, and a small amount can be used to quickly suppress the foam during use.

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