• How To Use High Temperature Baking Defoamer To Save The Problem Of Baking Foam

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    High-temperature baking varnish, a new type of painting manufacturing process in the manufacture of furniture. Widely used in high-grade furniture due to the bright color of materials sprayed with high-temperature baking varnish and strong visual impact. The method is: spraying a certain layer of paint on a substrate polished to a certain degree of roughness, and baking and setting at a high temperature. Its temperature is generally between 280 and 100 degrees. However, when producing paints, a large amount of foam will appear, which will affect the quality of the paint, so people will add an additive when producing the paint, which is the high-temperature baking lacquer defoamer.

    Application of high temperature baking defoamer in furniture

    The baking defoamer is a fluorine-modified polymer defoamer, which is especially suitable for defoaming in high temperature baking lacquer systems. It has the following characteristics:

    1. Due to good leveling and no shrinkage, it can effectively reduce the surface tension of liquid. It has excellent defoaming and foam suppression effect and does not affect the basic properties of the foaming system. It has outstanding antifoaming ability, especially in oily system.

    2. Good heat resistance, chemical stability, no corrosion, no toxicity, no adverse side effects, no burning, no explosion.

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