• Should the Construction Industry Pay Attention to the Properties of Cement Mortar Defoamer?

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    Defoamers are widely used and widely available. The use of cement mortar defoamers in the construction industry is not uncommon. When the mortar concrete is being constructed, the mortar concrete needs to be blended and stirred on site. The mortar is unreasonably blended, the coarse aggregate is too much, and the fine aggregate is too small, which will lead to the generation of foam. Secondly, the mortar aggregate is not the size, the needle-like particles are too much, the water consumption is large, and the water-cement is relatively high. The process of mixing and mixing some of the external admixtures tends to produce a large number of bubbles. The use of poor defoamers is not only time-consuming and costly, the foam problem can not be solved, and even affects the good properties of the cement slurry itself.

    Defoamer performance should be paid attention to the most, defoamer should be easy to use, easy to control, cost-effective, rapid defoaming and anti-foaming, good dispersion, safe and non-toxic, in line with environmental requirements. In addition to the defoaming performance of defoamers in the construction industry, what performance should be paid attention to?

     cement mortar defoamers

    (How to choose cement mortar defoamer?)

    A good cement mortar defoamer can withstand the test of harsh environments, which means it is resistant to strong acids and alkalis. Because in our cement preparation, various additives are often added to improve the firmness and performance of the cement, so the cement environment may change the pH value. For example, in a highly alkaline environment with a pH higher than or equal to 14, many defoamers are no longer functioning, and even lose their physical state. Therefore, a good defoamer can withstand the test of high temperature and strong alkali strong acid.

    These are all things that must be considered when choosing a good cement mortar defoamer. Therefore, we should compare the effects of our products with the defoamer when we choose, especially the speed of foam breaking, the effect of foam suppression and so on. Only by choosing the right defoamer can we do more with less.

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