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    With the diversification of the industry, there are more and more types of defoamers, and almost every industry has its corresponding defoamer. For example: food defoamer, cement mortar defoamer, mining defoamer, etc. However, what we are talking about today is the mineral oil defoamer. I believe that everyone is no stranger to its name. The so-called knowing ourselves and knowing each other is not awkward. If you want to maximize the role of such defoamers, you must know enough about it. We will explain from the following four points.


    First, the advantages of mineral oil defoamer:

    1. Strong defoaming ability and long-term foam suppression, basically have no effect on the properties of the bubble system.

    2. Wide range of applications, can be used in complex environments such as acid and alkaline.

    3. Good dispersibility, strong penetrability, rapid penetration and diffusion into the liquid that needs to eliminate foam, and very compatible.

    4. High temperature resistance, can be used in high temperature environment, and good heat resistance.

    5. Chemically stable, safe and reliable, non-toxic and harmless, and will not cause adverse side effects.

     the advantages of mineral oil defoamer

    Second, the shortcomings of mineral oil defoamer:

    The defoaming effect of mineral oil defoamer is generally that the larger the mineral oil droplets, the better the defoaming effect, and the milky white emulsion is better than the translucent or transparent microemulsion. The compatibility of mineral oil is not very good, but because of this property, it can achieve defoaming. The same effect on mineral oil defoamer is that it can defoam, but it has a defoaming effect on dense foam. not too good. Mineral oil defoamer is also greatly affected in high shear environments, and it is generally only suitable for use in low shear environments. For its own reasons, mineral oil defoamers cannot be used for defoaming and defoaming in products where color is too strict.


    Third, the application range of mineral oil defoamer:

    Mineral oil defoamers are widely used in inks, coatings, latex paints, paper washing, adhesives, drilling mud, petrochemicals, etc. Most of the industries where silicone defoamers are not suitable can use mineral oils instead.

    the shortcomings of mineral oil defoamer

    Fourth, the use of mineral oil defoamer:

    When using, stir the mineral oil defoamer evenly, the dosage is generally between 0.1-0.3%. It is recommended to add in batches, do not need to be diluted with water, and directly add to the system that needs defoaming and foam suppression, the specific amount and The details need to be developed according to the actual needs and uses.


    If you don't understand, please feel free to contact us, the Zilibon - your defoaming expert.


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