• Characteristics of Industrial Sewage Treatment Defoamer and Its Use Method

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    With the enhancement of environmental awareness, water resources have gradually gained attention. Words such as water conservation, rational water use, and sewage treatment often appear in our lives.Among them, the state has promulgated relevant regulations and strengthened management on the issue of sewage discharge and treatment. No matter in industry or in life, all discharged sewage must be purified. However, there will be many bubbles in the process of sewage treatment. If we want to eliminate foam,  we need to add special sewage treatment defoamer to achieve the national secondary sewage discharge standard.It do not cause trouble to people's lives, nor will they pollute the environment. 

    What is industrial wastewater defoamer?

    Industrial wastewater defoamer is a defoamer specially developed for various water treatment systems. It has 50% active defoaming concentration, excellent stability in a wide range of pH and temperature conditions, fast defoaming, long anti-foaming time, and does not affect the progress of water treatment, water quality detection indicators and discharge characteristics. It is a low COD, harmless, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective defoaming product.

     Sewage treatment

    What are the application fields of industrial wastewater defoamer?

    The application of industrial wastewater defoamer is very extensive. It can not only be used in industrial wastewater treatment, but also in recycling wastewater treatment, garbage infiltration, washing wastewater treatment, textile wastewater treatment, biological wastewater treatment and other wastewater. It can effectively suppress the foaming of wastewater defoamer and improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment.


    Application of defoamer for industrial sewage

    1. According to different foaming systems, adjust the usage, the recommended range of use is 0.2 -1.

    2. When used, water or working fluid is diluted 3-5 times and then added by stirring or directly.

    3. It can be used in aqueous phase system below 120 C.

    4. Stir well when using.

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