• How Much Do You Know About Eliminating the Foam Produced by Biological Fermentation?

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    Biological fermentation defoamers are widely used in microbial fermentation because of their excellent properties such as good hydrophilicity, strong defoaming ability and easy spread in foaming media, which can automatically recover the emulsified state after sterilization at high temperature and will not affect the use of water and oil separation and Demulsification in fermentation liquids.

    What is Biological Fermentation

    Biological fermentation is the process of using microorganisms to transform raw materials into products needed by human beings through specific metabolic pathways under appropriate conditions. Because there are many protein surfactants in the medium, these active ingredients have high surface tension. Under ventilation conditions, it is easy to form bubbles in the medium. As far as I know, besides the surface active ingredients, there are also some other unfavorable factors that can cause foaming.

    Causes of foaming in microbial fermentation

    1. Microorganisms in the medium are active and produce bubbles.

    2. medium is rich in raw materials, high in content of organic nitrogen, and easy to generate foam.

    3. in the fermentation process, there is a trend of temperature rising and rapid foaming operation.

    4. In the process of microbial production, stirring is intense, which brings air into oil and causes foaming.

    5. The influence of environmental factors around microorganisms leads to foaming.

    6. Misoperation of microorganisms results in foaming.

    7. foam is produced during the mixing process.

    Biological fermentation defoamers

    (Foam in microbial fermentation)

    The hazards of foaming in microbial fermentation:

    1. excessive foam will affect the results of the observation of the surface conditions of the medium.

    2. The presence of bubbles may change the structure of culture medium and affect subsequent fermentation.

    3. the foam will affect the stability of the microbial community.

    4.The foam will reduce the oxygen transfer system and affect the fermentation level.

    5. when the bubble is too much, a lot of spills are generated, and the fermentation liquid escapes from the exhaust pipe or shaft seal to increase the chance of infection.

    6. when the foam is serious, ventilation can not be carried out, and the respiration of bacteria is impeded, resulting in abnormal metabolism or autolysis of bacteria.

    Microbial fermentation can be reused in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, energy industry, chemical industry, agriculture and other industries. In order to effectively carry out the fermentation process and avoid unnecessary losses, microbial fermentation defoamer must be added to defoam. Pre-free sampling for testing, The Zilibon defoamer - your defoamer expert.

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