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    Dear Customer:

    For the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, we will issue the following notice:

    According to the relevant provisions of the "Notice of Holidays Arrangement for Holidays in 2019" issued by the State Council, combined with the actual situation of our company, the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday of 2019 is arranged as follows:

       September 13, 2019 (Friday) ~ September 15, 2019 (Sunday)

    Please pay attention to my friends and adjust your purchase plan. During the holiday period, due to factory workers, it is temporarily impossible to produce and deliver goods. We feel very sorry for the inconvenience caused by the holidays!

    There are many stories about the Mid-Autumn Festival. 

    One said that it originated from the sacrificial activities of the ancient emperors. The Book of Rites records: "The emperor's spring day, the autumn eve of the moon", the eve of the moon is the sacrifice of the moon, indicating that as early as the Spring and Autumn Period, the emperor began to worship the moon and worship the moon. Later, the aristocratic bureaucrats and scholars of the literati also followed suit and gradually spread to the people. 

    Second, the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival is related to agricultural production. Autumn is the harvest season. The interpretation of the word "autumn" is: "The crop is mature and autumn." In the Mid-Autumn Festival in August, crops and various fruits have matured. In order to celebrate the harvest and express the joy of joy, the peasants used the “Mid-Autumn Festival” as a holiday. "Mid-Autumn Festival" means the middle of the autumn. The August of the lunar calendar is the middle of the autumn, and the fifteenth day is the middle of the month. Therefore, the Mid-Autumn Festival may be a custom inherited by the ancient "Autumn".

    As time goes by, the custom of celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival continues to this day. Therefore, there are customs such as viewing lanterns, guessing riddles, eating mooncake lights, and so on.

    All employees of the Zilibon wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

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