• Don't You Know There is a Special Defoamer for Waterborne Paint and Ink?

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    Waterborne paint ink is usually used in packaging and printing products, which has a certain aesthetic. It is mainly made of water-soluble resin and other additives. It is precisely because the composition of ink is more complex, there will be foaming phenomenon in the modulation. First of all, we need to have a brief understanding of the formation of bubbles and why manufacturers are headached by these bubbles?

    一、Bubble Generation

    1. water-based coatings ink printing machine speed is too fast, and the entry of air, resulting in a large number of foam generation.

    2. the quality of water used in the construction process is not up to the requirement, and there is a drop in pressure, causing bubbles.

    3. ink contains blister active ingredients, which itself is thicker and foam is not easy to eliminate.

    二、The harm of bubbles

    1. It can't guarantee the uniformity of the color quality of printed products. The pattern is incomplete and the appearance of the products is affected.

    2. excessive foam will overflow the slot, not only affect the printing machine operation, but also to increase the difficulty of cleaning.

    3. the thick viscous ink with foam has poor fluidity and affects the work efficiency.

    Waterborne paint ink

    三、Permanent defoaming agent properties of water-based coatings

    1. It is especially suitable for waterborne coatings.

    2. Avoid microbubbles and bubbles.

    3. High defoaming efficiency;

    4. High compatibility;

    5. Suitable for varnishes and paints.

    6. It can be used for airless spraying formulation.

    7. It can be widely used for foam elimination and suppression in various harsh systems in a wide temperature range.

    Ink defoamer has good compatibility and fast defoaming without affecting the original quality. It has good dispersion, uniform coloring, and improves the quality of plate making and printing. It will not produce printing surface defects to affect film forming. Water-based ink defoamer is absolutely the preferred defoamer for eliminating ink bubbles without damaging the quality of printed products.

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