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    PVA is what we call polyvinyl alcohol. It has unique strong adhesion, skin flexibility, smoothness, oil resistance, solvent resistance, protective colloid, gas barrier, abrasion resistance and water resistance after special treatment, so it is often used in the production of fiber raw materials, coatings, adhesives, paper processing agents, emulsifiers, dispersants, films and other products. When polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is used, it is generally used to dissolve in water, and the polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) particles or powder of the product are formulated into a certain concentration of aqueous solution according to production requirements, and then supplied to a follow process. use. However, during the dissolution process, polyvinyl alcohol will have a large amount of foam, which will adversely affect the production. Therefore, a PVA defoaming agent is generally added to eliminate the foam problem in the solution.

     Polyvinyl Alcohol Defoamer

    (Function and Application of Polyvinyl Alcohol Defoamer)

    If the PVA foaming is not processed in time, there will be several effects:

    一、the reduction of production capacity

    In order to accommodate the foam produced in the dissolution process and keep the raw material from overflowing,it is necessary to reduce the feeding amount to the cooking pot and other equipment by about 10-30%, which will lead to the reduction of production.

    二、the rise in production costs

    Since the foam is not eliminated, it will remain in the solution for a long time, so that the production cycle is prolonged, the power consumption is increased, and the single-pot yield is lowered, eventually leading to an increase in production cost.

    三、affect product quality

    The foam in the solution will eventually be brought into the product as it is produced, thereby affecting the use and quality of the product.


    The method for eliminating the dissolution of polyvinyl alcohol by foaming is as follows:

    First, polyvinyl alcohol defoamers were developed for the purpose of air bubbles. They spread quickly between the foam and the surfactant, blocking their contact surfaces, and the foam loses its protective film.

    Secondly, the polyvinyl alcohol defoaming agent can accelerate the flow rate of the foam liquid, and the flow rate is large and the pressure is small, so that the foam film becomes thin and easily broken under the action of external pressure.

    Finally, scientifically stirring the polyvinyl alcohol, it is recommended to stir it clockwise, the stirring speed should be uniform, and the strength should be moderate.


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