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    Petroleum is listed as one of the non-renewable energy sources, so everyone is very cautious about the refining of oil. We all know that oil extraction is accompanied by a large amount of natural gas, so oil and gas separation is an indispensable procedure. In the process of separation, the surface of the crude oil containing fatty acid, sodium naphthenate and other surface active materials are prone to foam, resulting in incomplete separation of oil and gas in the oil and gas separator, and the mist in the natural gas entrains the crude oil. This will seriously affect the construction efficiency and slow down the entire work process, so it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of petroleum oil and gas separation defoamer.

    Oil and gas separation defoamer is a special defoaming agent for oil and gas separation, which is based on the water production status of condensate oil and gas wells and the characteristics of gas gathering process. According to the mechanism of foam stability, a special organic group modified polysiloxane and hydroxyl compounds are used. It has the advantages of fast defoaming speed, long anti-foaming time, high temperature resistance, low dosage and high yield of finished oil. It can maintain good anti-foaming effect even at low concentration, and is no inferior to heavy oil and light oil.

     defoamer for oil-gas separation

    (What is a defoamer for oil and gas separation)

    Usage: it can be added or used as a foam inhibitor in the product after the foam is produced. According to the different use system, the amount of defoamer can be 10~1000ppm, and the best dosage is determined by the customer according to the specific conditions. When used, it is better to dilute the defoamer with petroleum solvent such as kerosene and xylene, and then add the diluent into the foaming system with metering pump, so that the defoamer can be quickly dispersed into the foaming system and play a better defoaming role.

    Storage method: Petroleum oil and gas separation defoamer is non-toxic, non-flammable and explosive, stored in a cool, windproof place, sealed storage. The shelf life was 6 months without obvious stratification. Storage time exceeding the label's best use period does not mean that the product cannot continue to be used. But in this case, to ensure product quality, it is necessary to re-examine the relevant properties of the product.

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