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    Polyether defoamer has been rapidly developed since it was first put into operation by Wyandott in the United States in 1954. The production of polyether defoamers in China began in 1969 and was first applied to antibiotic fermentation. Because it is non-toxic, odorless, non-irritating and easy to disperse in water, it can be used in food, fermentation, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries in addition to general industrial applications. It is irreplaceable by silicon-containing defoamers. . At present, polyether antifoaming agents used in China include GP type polyglycerin polyether and GPE type polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene glyceryl ether.

    polyether defoamers

    (Advantages and disadvantages of polyether defoamer)

    As a new powerful defoamer, polyether defoamer has many unique characteristics. It not only has good defoaming performance, but also plays a huge role in only one point, so it can save the amount in the production process. In order to achieve the effect of reducing costs. In addition, it does not affect any basic properties of the system when it is added to the foaming system, and is very useful for maintaining the system. At the same time, the surface tension existing inside is very low, and is much lower than that of the foaming liquid, so that the defoaming effect can be ensured. These properties make polyether defoamers widely used.

    Even with many advantages, there are still many factors that affect the performance of polyether defoamers.

    1, the effect of different initiators on the performance of polyether defoamer

    2, the effect of different block modes on the performance of defoamer

    3, the effect of different epoxy segment length on defoaming performance

    However, at present, some defoamer manufacturers have made improvements in the polyether defoamer process, which has significantly improved the quality of the product, effectively improved the inadequacies, and also gave it some other excellent properties.

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