• Cement Mortar Defoamer Application Case

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    On June 17th, Miss Wang of the Sales Department of China Federal Defoamer Factory received a call from Pan Gong in Guizhou.

    According to Pan Gong's feedback, he was doing construction work. During the process of making cement mortar, there was a problem of foam. The pump output port formed an air cushion, which caused the pump to run idly and blocked the construction. In the later period, the density of the cement paste will be reduced, and the mechanical properties and durability of the hardened cement paste will be reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to find a cement mortar defoamer to solve his foam problem, and it cannot affect the cement density and durability.

    cemnet defoamer

    Application of cement mortar defoamer in cement mortar

    After detailed communication, Ms. Wang of the sales department has probably clearly understood the actual situation of Pan Gong, and selected several cement mortar defoamers with good feedback from customers in the building materials industry in recent years. Send samples for free Give it to Guizhou Pan Gong for trial.

    On June 27, Ms. Wang from the Sales Department of the Federal Republic of China received a call from Pangong, Guizhou again. Pangong said, "Several samples of cement mortar defoamer have been used, and the products suitable for his process have been selected. The effect is indeed It's also very good, it can quickly defoam the construction of the construction materials, and at the same time, it can obtain higher strength and compactness with the long-term foam suppression performance. "

    Finally, Panzhou, Guizhou also ordered 300kg of cement mortar defoamer from the sales department Miss Wang, and signed a long-term cooperation plan by fax contract.

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