• How to solve the problem of foaming in papermaking and pulping?

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    There are a lot of paper industries in China. Among them, Mr. Yu from a paper mill in Hebei will encounter such a problem, that is, the problem of foaming in the process of papermaking and pulping. Of course, not only the foam problem encountered by one paper mill, but also many paper industries. How to solve the foam problem requires the intervention of paper-making defoamers.

     papermaking defoamer

    Application of papermaking defoamer in pulping process

    Pulp foaming has a serious impact on the papermaking process. Foam generated in paper and pulp mills can interfere with many processes, which can affect refiners, pumps, screens, centrifugal pulp cleaners, deinking equipment, and dewatering Equipment efficiency. Foam will also adversely affect the final paper formation, porosity, opacity, printability, smoothness, and interlayer adhesion strength. Excessive foaming can result in the loss of fibers and raw materials.

    Mr. Yu found the problem with us after finding Zhongde Federal Antifoam Company on the Internet, and finally we gave Mr. Yu a solution: let customers try our B-441 paper defoamer sample product to see the effect After deciding whether to strengthen the defoamer.

    The papermaking defoaming agent developed and produced by China Federation is specially designed for foaming in the pulping process in the paper industry. It eliminates foam floating on the surface of the pulp and air that can be dissolved in the pulp. It also eliminates large bubbles on the water surface and eliminates air bubbles. The impact of the process, avoiding the formation of holes, reducing paper breaks, and not overflowing the storage tank, ensuring the loss of fibers and wet-end chemicals, the paper has a better uniformity, and the quality has been greatly improved.

    After a few days, Mr. Yu called us again. His pulping problem has been cured. The foam slowly began to burst during pulping, and it will not affect the later process. After consultation, Mr. Yu ’s opinion was to lower our price. The Federal Government adjusted the price according to the opinion. Finally, Mr. Yu was very satisfied with our order and ordered 600KG of paper defoamer products.

    The above is Mr. Yu's foaming problem during papermaking, and we have solved the problem. China Federation has 16 years of application experience. Many customers have used our products to support us and meet the requirements of long-term cooperation. If you want to know about antifoam products, please call our hotline: 0086-13929201380

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