• Concrete Defoamer Helps You Solve The Foam Problems

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    In the building materials industry, foams are always encountered during the operation of the concrete production system. What should we do? Many builders of building materials projects will use concrete defoamers to solve this problem, but in the case of operating concrete, the general defoamers are far from the effect they want. In this case, high efficiency type must be used concrete defoamer.

    concrete defoamer

    What are the advantages of concrete defoamers in the building materials industry?

    1. It can maintain stability and high efficiency under strong acid and alkali conditions, with good stability, water solubility and dispersibility. 

    2. The micro-bubbles generated during the production or construction of building materials can be defoamed, and the products have excellent durability, compactness and high strength.

    3. Under the condition of extremely low concentration or temperature, it can maintain stable and efficient performance, rapid defoaming and long-term anti-foaming performance. 

    The Sino-Federal concrete defoaming agent with special polyether alcohol ester as the main raw material is refined with many kinds of active additives. But its dosage is small, water solubility is good, dryness is also very good, anti-foaming and anti-foaming strength is strong, strong acid and alkali resistance is high, in the building materials industry, it can eliminate foams of various systems.

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