• How To Solve The Problem Of Foaming During Rubber Production?

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    On May 20th, Ms. Wang of the China Federal Antifoam Factory received a call from Mr. Wu from Jilin. Mr. Wu is a company called New Benchmark Rubber. They produce too much oily rubber foam, with floating and particulate suspended matter. So they urgently need to find a rubber defoamer to solve their problems.


    When the latex is stirred, flowed and filtered, a large amount of foam is generated because the air is mixed in. Because the diluent used in the latex is water, a certain amount of emulsifier must be used when the latex is polymerized to achieve a stable aqueous dispersion . Due to the use of emulsifiers, the surface tension of the emulsion system is greatly reduced, which is the main reason for the generation of foam.

     rubber defoamer

    Application of rubber defoamer

    After a round of communication, Ms. Wang, a member of zilibon, sent free samples of rubber defoamers with good feedback from customers in the rubber industry over the past few years.


    On May 25th, zilibon received another call from Mr. Jilin Wu and gave feedback on some of their samples. The several rubber defoamers have been tried and the results are very good. Not only can it defoam but not float and float. It can maintain the foam suppression performance for a long time, which is very suitable for the rubber production process. It also ordered 2 tons of rubber defoamer from zilibon and cooperated with zilibon for a long time.


    Zilibon is a manufacturer with 16 years of R & D and application experience. They will have professional laboratory engineers to provide targeted one-to-one solutions for your products. Manufacturer of defoamers. If the foam you encounter in the production industry is difficult to solve, you can express your product to zilibon Defoamer Laboratory, they will have professional engineers to adapt your product to the best effect and the most suitable addition Amount of defoamer.


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