• What is the amount of defoamer added for water-based ink

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    What is the amount of defoamer for water-based ink? The defoamer for water-based ink is mainly used to eliminate foam in water-based ink, and the amount of addition is based on the material of the water-based ink and its dissolved amount. Please listen to the editor to give you an introduction.

    defoamer for ink

    Water-based ink is mainly used for printing.It is a colorant.The main principle is that the pigment particles are dispersed in the vegetable oil and mineral oil, synthetic resin and solvent preparation and connection materials through the process. Agent and desiccant.

    In their tissue composition, it helps foaming substances, so it often foams during printing operations, and this destroys the uniformity. For example, during grinding or ink mixing and printing, because of the introduction of air, it is easy to generate a large amount of foam (large and micro bubbles).

    Foam will cause various problems in printing: such as reduced production efficiency, increased energy consumption, printed surface defects and difficulties in production and printing. However, if you need to improve the quality of the product, you need to add a special defoamer for water-based ink to improve the quality of the board and printing.

    The amount of defoamer added is generally 0.1 ~ 0.8%. It can be added after the foam is generated or added to the product as a foam suppression component. According to different use systems, the optimal amount of addition is determined by the customer according to the specific circumstances. It is best to do a small test before dilution to avoid abnormal conditions.

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