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    Dongguan is recognized as the world's largest factory by the world. Many national enterprises want to open a branch in Dongguan. Dongguan is a big cake. Which enterprise does not want to get more cakes in Dongguan, so those During the development of Dongguan Expressway, companies often neglect to gradually pollute the environment. The bigger the company is, the more waste it produces. The company puts all waste and wastewater into the sea and the river. Without any environmental protection treatment, the ecological environment is being seriously hurt.

    Lets talk about a customer case. There is a manufacturer of plastic products in Dongguan. We contacted us on May 30. The customers problem was that they put the waste and waste water in the waste water before adding it. Invest directly in Jiangzhong under any environmental protection measures. Eventually, it makes it difficult for the animals and plants around the river to survive. People also feel disgusted with the diffuse smell in the river, especially the bubbles floating in the river have a great impact on the environment.

    Application of Sewage Treatment Defoamer in Industrial Wastewater 

    Application of Sewage Treatment Defoamer in Industrial Wastewater

    After analyzing the reasons, Ms. Wang, a customer service recommended a sewage treatment defoamer to this company. It is a compound refined from modified silicon polyether and modified siloxane as raw materials, with non-toxic dispersant, Emulsifier, stabilizer. It is widely used in industrial wastewater, chemical wastewater, various types of wastewater treatment, etc. in various industries, and I hope to help you. The owner of the plastic factory ordered 500kg of defoamer from us.

    A few days later, the owner of the plastic factory called Miss Wang and said: Thank you very much for the defoaming agent. After adding the defoaming agent, the discharged sewage foam gradually reduced, and the environment has been improved a lot. Living environment.

    Zilibon successfully solved the problem of environmental pollution caused by this company, so it also told more companies and production companies not to treat the environment with a fluke, otherwise the environment will treat you, Start protecting the environment by yourself.

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