• How To Eliminate Foam In Sewage Treatment?

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    In the 21st century of modernization, most urban polluted water treatment plants across the country have adopted the activated sludge process. According to statistics, most activated sludge process sewage treatment plants around the world, the generation of foam is the most common and activated sludge process sewage treatment. A common phenomenon. The following editors of the Sewage Treatment Defoamer reveal the effects and solutions of foams in sewage treatment plants.

     Water Treatment Defoamer

    Sewage treatment plant foam generation

    The impact of foam from sewage treatment plant

    In the normal operation of the sewage treatment plant, the foam has the following effects:

    In the early stage of the process debugging, a large amount of foam will take away the sludge inoculated in the early stage, resulting in a large increase in debugging time and an increase in cost and difficulty in debugging.

    Foams are generally viscous, which will cause a large amount of solids to sink into the floating foam surface of the aeration tank, and the floating layer will be turned over, which reduces the efficiency of the aeration tank.

    When pure oxygen is used to seal the activated sludge system, the foam will enter the oxygen compressor and cause a fire

    When foam flows into the sedimentation tank, water suspended solids will increase under the baffle of the sedimentation tank, causing deterioration of water quality.

    The accumulation of foam will also cause corruption, and it will freeze in cold weather, affecting normal operation.

    Didn't think that the sewage treatment foam will have such serious consequences? Don't be afraid, look for the sewage treatment defoamer for you to solve.

    For the foaming problems in the above sewage treatment plant, the editor recommends the sewage treatment defoamer in E-193.

    Defoaming is fast, the foam suppression time is long, the dosage is small, and the price is less than one-tenth of your cost.

    Non-toxic, non-corrosive, and without adverse side effects.

    It is very easy to disperse in water, it is compatible with liquid products, and it is not easy to break emulsion and bleach oil.

    Can also be used in various types of circulating industrial sewage, circulating wastewater treatment in various industries.

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