• Application Of Water-based Paint Defoamer

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    Water-based paint is mainly composed of three major categories of main agent, solvent and auxiliary agent. It has the characteristics of colorless, odorless, strong transparency and non-toxic, no organic volatiles, low cost, wide source, etc., which is impossible for other solvent-based coatings compared. The coating and glazing market is a diversified market. Food printing plants, book printing plants, commercial printing plants, trademark printing plants, and folding carton printing plants have varying degrees of glazing needs for various packaging products. Therefore, water-based paint defoamer is an indispensable auxiliary agent of water-based paint.

    Zilibon produced water-based paint antifoaming agent is made of special modified polyether through special process, it is very easy to dissolve in water, especially suitable for defoaming oil phase foaming system, product stability is good.

     paint defoamer

    Application of water-based paint defoamer

    Water-based paint defoamer and organic hydrocarbons have good compatibility, adding oily system does not affect the transparency of the product; it has a certain leveling performance. It can be widely used in the elimination and suppression of foams in various harsh systems in a wide temperature range.

    Water-based paint defoamer is used in oily ink UV coating, UV ink, oily screen printing ink/lubricating oil/oily glue/oily fatliquor and other oily systems. The use of epoxy resin is significant; batik; polyvinyl alcohol gel, silicon Resins, unsaturated resins, release agents, etc.; lubricants and lubricants for gears and friction; other oil phase systems.

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