• Application Of Paint Defoamer

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    Changsha Bochuan Chemical Technology is also a defoamer. They sent a water-based paint defoamer. The requirement is to defoam faster and suppress foam on the original basis. Listen to Zhang Gong of Changsha City It is said that this defoamer is to be used in a professional manufacturer of coatings, but since the time for defoaming at the speed of defoaming can not reach the standard, I want to develop a suitable one through our technology defoamer.

     defoamer for paint

    Application of antifoaming agent in coatings

    Through understanding, our engineers learned that this time a paint manufacturer is preparing to produce a batch of paint, so it needs a batch of defoamer, and Changsha Bochuan Chemical is originally their defoamer supplier, so it has priority. However, after testing, it was found that the defoamer did not reach the standard of foaming and foaming this time, so we searched for Changsha defoamer through the Internet and found us. I hope we can quickly solve the problem of this defoamer.

    There are two reasons why the defoamer is slow. First, the dispersibility is not fast enough, and the foam stability of the coating ingredients is too strong. According to these two points, zilibon engineers have developed a foam that is sufficient to eliminate any coating.

    This product was sent out the next day. One week later, Zhang Gong of Changsha City Bo called and said that the paint manufacturer's foam had been resolved and a 1-ton order was placed.

    Zilibon is a research and development team composed of three overseas returnees and ten graduate students who can solve any bubble problems for you.

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