• How To Eliminate Foam During Metal Cleaning?

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    Today, Mr. Li sent us for help and asked them to solve the foam problem. Mr. Li did metal processing, but because there were too many foams in the cleaning process, it was difficult to solve them. So I searched Baidu for Sichuan antifoam. Zilibon. After our sales staff explained the cause of foaming to Mr. Li, we recommended a metal cleaning defoamer to Mr. Li.

    metal cleaning defoamer

    Application of metal cleaning defoamer in metal cleaning

    When cleaning the object, the aqueous solution should be added with cleaning agent, detergent or degreasing agent, etc. The general basic substance of the cleaning agent or other detergent is surface active, and sometimes it is also strong alkali or strong acid. In some occasions, medium and high temperature conditions are required. There is usually stirring or spraying during cleaning. So it is easy to produce foam during cleaning and difficult to clean.

    After consulting with our sales staff, Mr. Li decided to request to send samples to Mr. Li for a period of time. We arranged a E-319 cleaning defoamer, which is made by a variety of special polyethers through a composite process and has good quality. The anti-foaming and anti-foaming and high-shear resistance functions, added to the transparent cleaning agent does not affect the appearance of the cleaning agent, no oil bleaching, no demulsification, no floating, will not cause residual wall hanging. The addition of a transparent cleaning agent does not affect the appearance of the cleaning agent, does not bleach oil, does not break emulsion, and does not have any adverse effects on the subsequent processing.

    A few days later, Mr. Li called us back and said with joy that zilibon's E-319 metal cleaning defoamer quickly solved our foam problem and requested that we order 500 kg of defoaming products from us.

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