• What are the types of commonly used industrial-grade defoamers?

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    Now the defoamers on the market mainly include industrial grade and food grade. No matter in the process of industrial manufacturing or food production, defoamers are needed to eliminate foam. The defoaming effect of the customized industrial defoamers and food defoamers of Zilibon defoamer manufacturers is very good. So what types of common defoamers are there? What is the principle of defoaming?


    (Picture: Zilibon defoamer)

    What are the types of defoamers? There are 3 categories commonly used

    1. Silicone defoamer

    Silicone defoamer is made of silicone grease, emulsifier, water repellent, thickening agent, etc., mixed with appropriate amount of water and mechanically emulsified. It is characterized by low surface tension, high surface activity, strong defoaming power, low dosage and low cost. It is often used for defoaming in the production process of detergents, papermaking, pulp, sugar, electroplating, fertilizers, additives, and wastewater treatment.

    2. Polyether defoamer

    Polyether-type defoamers have better anti-foaming properties and are easy to disperse in water. Polyether type defoamers can be divided into polyol type, fatty acid ester type and amine ether type according to the different initiators used in synthesis.

    3. Modified silicone polyether

    There are six types of silicone defoamers that use polysiloxane as the main raw material: pure silicone oil, silicone oil solution, silicone paste, silicone oil emulsion, powder, and block.

     Application field of defoamer

    (Picture: Application field of defoamer)

    Defoaming principle of defoaming agent

    The defoamer works at or after the formation of the thin foam layer:

    1. The uniformly dispersed defoamer penetrates into the foam elastic film and is distributed in the film, and causes the thin layer to rupture through the reduction of surface tension.

    2. The uniformly dispersed defoamer penetrates into the thin foam layer and forms a monomolecular film, which reduces its adhesion and is easy to break the thin layer.

    3. The defoamer containing hydrophobic particles has a third mechanism. These hydrophobic particles reach the surface of the thin layer and adsorb the surfactant on the top of the thin layer. The thin layer was broken due to the lack of surfactant.

     Defoaming principle of industrial defoamer

    (Picture: Defoaming principle of industrial defoamer)

    Zilibon defoamer manufacturer customized defoaming fast

    If harmful foam is encountered in the industrial production process, it needs to be defoamed in time. In fact, in industrial production, foam is not only easy to produce in the sewage treatment process, but other industries such as coatings, power plants, papermaking, textile printing and dyeing, circuit boards, water reducing agents, water-based adhesives, and industrial cleaning are also prone to foam problems. Adding defoamer is a very effective solution. However, the causes of foaming caused by different industries and production environments are different, and the performance requirements of defoamers are also different. It may be difficult to solve the general formula of defoamers.

    1. Factory direct sales, cost-effective, and many varieties;

    2. One-to-one technical support, providing free defoamer samples;

    3. Good comprehensive defoaming performance, less dosage, fast defoaming, and long-lasting foam suppression;

    4. Involves a wide range of industries, with a complete range of defoamers, which can satisfy various industries for defoaming;

    5. Professional technical team, targeted development, ideal defoaming, good customer feedback;

    6. 24-hour online, good after-sales service, more professional and dedicated.

     Zilibon defoamer manufacturer

    (Picture: Customized by Zilibon defoamer manufacturer)

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