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    The earth is our home for survival, especially water, which is indispensable for everyone and every place. Therefore, the country has very strict requirements for our water quality environment, and both domestic sewage and industrial wastewater have a discharge standard. However, due to the process of sewage treatment itself and the addition of various surface activities in the production process of the product, a large amount of foam is generated in the sewage. Many companies will choose different additives or treatment processes to solve the foam problem. The most common is to use organic silicon water to treat defoamers, which can well control or eliminate the foam produced in the sewage treatment process, so that the sewage in the city is no longer waste water, and the sewage from the enterprise can be recycled again.

    Papermaking water treatment foam site 

    (Picture: Papermaking water treatment foam site) 

    The most common in real life is daily biological sewage and industrial sewage. Ordinary daily life sewage is relatively easy to solve, while industrial sewage is very easy to foam due to its own production process and a large amount of surfactant additives. For example, wastewater from papermaking industry is generally divided into wastewater from pulp wastewater, pulp washing, screening and bleaching.

    1. Pulping wastewater: the chemical pulping wastewater is one of the important pollution sources in the papermaking industry production wastewater. The COD and BOD produced are about 90% of the total pollutants in the whole pulping process. Because of the chemical composition, pulping raw materials and the use of chemical agents, there are big differences.

    2. Mid-stage wastewater: paper-making mid-stage wastewater includes wastewater from washing, selection, and bleaching. Its chemical composition is similar to the black liquid phase, but the concentration is slightly lower, the wastewater discharge is large, and the SS and BOD values are high.

    Papermaking foam overflow scene 

    (Picture: Papermaking foam overflow scene) 

    Therefore, in the process of sewage treatment in the paper industry, due to the addition of additives to the raw materials, it is easy to cause a large number of foam problems, so it is necessary to add a water treatment defoamer to treat the foam.

    The paper-making water treatment agent defoamer developed and designed by Zilibon defoamer manufacturer is developed for the water treatment industry and its application. The water treatment agent defoaming agent is mainly composed of modified polysiloxane, which can be used for defoaming water-containing systems. The amount of addition is very small, about one ten thousandth to one hundred thousandth, and the specific amount depends on the use environment carry out testing.

    The water treatment agent defoamer developed by Zilibon defoamer manufacturer has a wide range of PH applications. It can be used in acid, alkali, electrolyte and hard water, and it is very convenient to use. It can be directly sprayed or dripped into the sewage foaming system. It can quickly diffuse and disperse to achieve rapid defoaming. Because it contains antifoaming ingredients, it can inhibit foam regeneration for a long time after defoaming.

    Zilibon water treatment defoamer 

    (Picture: Zilibon water treatment defoamer) 

    Zilibon is a research and development team composed of three overseas returnees and ten graduate students who can solve any foam problems for you. Pls feel free to contact Zilibon Technical Specialist, Ms. Crystal 0086 13929201380.

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