• Foam treatment method in electrogalvanizing bath

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    In the production and manufacture of metal products, a processing fluid called electro-galvanizing solution is often used, which can expand the density range of metal, improve the appearance of the coating, and make the solution more stable against oxidation. However, in the process of use, a large number of foams often appear due to the addition of additives, stirring, impurities and other reasons. If these foams are not processed in time, the quality of the product, subsequent production work, and customer trust will be affected to some extent. . Fortunately, manufacturers have found a solution to this foam problem, which is to use electro-galvanizing liquid defoamer.

     Electrogalvanizing solution


    Application diagram of antifoaming agent for electrogalvanizing solution

    Causes of foaming during the use of electrogalvanizing bath

    1. Because of the chemical reaction of the added additives, foam appears

    2. During the production process, the stirring is affected by vibration and shaking, which causes a large amount of foam to be generated.

    3. During the production process, the entry of external air and excessive impurities in the equipment will cause the appearance of foam

    Foaming of electrogalvanizing solution will cause certain harm

    Foam will affect the anti-rust performance, cleaning performance and cooling performance of the product; foaming will increase the gas-liquid contact, promote oxidation, and produce flotation when using electro-galvanizing solution, resulting in the inability of the components to mix evenly and causing the product to deteriorate and deteriorate; the foam also It will affect the normal operation of the mechanical equipment. The oil tank is filled with foam and overflows, which causes the oil level to drop, damages the components, destroys the uniform supply, and affects the smooth operation. Moreover, in the production process, the foaming of the electrogalvanizing liquid will also affect its lubrication and cooling effect.

     electro-galvanizing liquid defoamer.

        Electro-galvanizing liquid defoamer

    So what is electrogalvanizing liquid defoamer?

    It can remove stubborn foam caused by various surface additives, maintain good stability in the system, and has excellent high temperature performance. It is suitable for the internal addition of additives such as electroplating solution, refining agent, and sausage oil. It has good compatibility, maintains good defoaming and anti-foaming properties at a wide range of pH and temperature, is easy to disperse in water, can be well compatible with liquid products, is not easy to break demulsification , Stable defoaming at high temperature.

    Electroplating liquid defoamer

    If you have any questions about antifoaming agent for electrogalvanizing solution or have any requirements for antifoaming agent, please contact 86-13428601010, and our technicians will answer it for you.

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