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    In the coating industry, the foam problem of water-based latex coatings is the most significant. In order to reduce the interfacial tension between water and the painted surface, a certain proportion of surfactants, such as wetting agents, dispersants, and leveling agents, are usually added to the product. , their presence promotes the stability of foam products. The implementation process changes the free energy of the system to varying degrees, which contributes to the generation of foam. The amount of defoamer used for water-based adhesives is not large, but the effect is obvious. For the foaming phenomenon of water-based and non-water-based coatings, mineral oil, alcohols, lipidated substances and other substances can have good diffusivity, reduce surface tension, and achieve a good defoaming effect. The addition of defoamer is generally divided into two steps, one is the grinding stage, that is, it is added during the adjustment and dispersion of the raw materials, and the other is the addition of defoamer in the canning stage. At this time, the defoamer mainly plays the role of suppressing foam. It suppresses the formation of foam during the construction phase.


    water-based adhesive


    Disinfectant for water-based adhesives-E-157: used in adhesive manufacturing, polyvinyl acetate, casein, dextrin, acrylic acid, natural and synthetic latex (latex), gel and glue, high viscosity white Latex, glue, EVA emulsion, latex, emulsion polymerization, acrylic acid emulsion, adhesive, white latex, starch glue, polyvinyl alcohol emulsion, for defoaming and anti-foaming. All kinds of emulsions: acrylic resin, adhesive, white latex, polymer glue, water-based color paste, emulsion polymerization, waterproof coating, printing, synthetic emulsion

    Features: It is widely used in the manufacturing process of various adhesives as a high-efficiency defoamer for adhesive systems. It is easy to disperse and easy to use. It has fast defoaming effect and foam suppression function in a wide pH and temperature range, can quickly eliminate foam, and has the effect of preventing foam regeneration. In all kinds of emulsions, it has strong defoaming ability, fast foam breaking speed, long foam suppression without rebounding, completely eliminates all kinds of large and small bubbles, and improves product quality. The high-efficiency defoamer has strong defoaming ability, long-lasting foam suppression, no pinholes, and no impact on product firmness.


    Waterborne Adhesive Defoamer


    E-0701 special antifoaming agent for synthetic latex: special antifoaming agent for synthetic latex is used for synthetic latex, amonia rubber, natural latex, natural rubber, synthetic fiber, synthetic resin emulsion, synthetic rubber defoaming and degassing, water-based For printing glue and coating glue, defoamer for water-based high-viscosity glue, etc.

     Synthetic Latex Defoamer

    Synthetic Latex Defoamer


    White latex defoamer E-126: suitable for defoaming and foam suppression in white latex production. It is composed of modified polysiloxane, silica, dispersant and stabilizer. Good defoaming and anti-foaming effect can be easily dispersed in water under different temperature and acid-base conditions, the speed of defoaming agent is fast, and the compatibility with foaming medium is good, preventing the growth of microorganisms.

     White latex defoamer

    White latex defoamer


    Printing paint defoamer E-154: used in printing paint (viscous mucilage), polymer emulsion polymer, acrylic acid emulsion, etc. Low viscosity water-based (water) paste, printing color paste (only water-based paste (for water paste), low-viscosity glue, large foam system, etc.

    Features: It is easy to disperse in water-based systems, has strong self-emulsifying properties, good defoaming and long-lasting foam suppression, especially for water-soluble polymers and medium, low and high viscosity systems. No fish-eye spots and pin-eyes. It is particularly effective in eliminating large and fine foam in emulsions, with long-lasting foam suppression, excellent compatibility and dispersibility, and no side effects. It is a completely environmentally friendly product.


    Defoamer powder for starch processing  E-130: specially used for starch processing, industrial washing defoaming powder, dish cleaning agent defoaming powder, washing powder defoaming agent, beer bottle cleaning agent defoaming agent, paint, cement building materials, putty Powder, powder detergent


    Characteristics: The defoamer powder for starch processing developed and produced by Nanhui Defoamer Factory is made of silicon polyether as the main raw material, with a variety of active additives. It is a high-efficiency powder defoamer, with fast defoaming, long foam suppression, low use cost, high electrolyte resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, high shear resistance, and can eliminate foam in water-based systems; this product solves the problem of general common The defoamer emulsion is prone to demulsification and failure in high electrolyte, strong acid, strong alkali, and high shear systems. The antifoaming powder specially developed by the company's scientific research institution for the special environment of the detergent powder is mainly a spherical granular defoaming agent processed by a specific structure of organosilicon and an inorganic carrier through a specific equipment.


    (For more detailed technical recommendations on defoaming agents in the building materials industry, please call: yoyo Contact: 0086 13929201380 Guangdong Nanhui New Materials Co., Ltd. provides professional technical service support for defoaming agents, and makes suitable defoaming agents for water-based adhesives that you care about recommended.)

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