• Wacker SE-47 Defoamer For Asphalt Defoaming, The Effect Is So Good!

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    Everyone will see plastic-covered runways in schools, gymnasiums, and community sports venues. We call this material asphalt. What is asphalt? Let me explain to you below: Asphalt is a dark-brown complex mixture composed of hydrocarbons of different molecular weights and their non-metallic derivatives. It is a kind of high-viscosity liquid. It is liquid with a black surface and is soluble in carbon disulfide. A substance. It is often used in pavement laying, but foam is easily generated during asphalt refining or construction. How to solve it? I think will help you.

     WACKER SE-47 defoamer 

    So how can a large amount of foam be generated during the application of asphalt? It is mainly caused by the following aspects: In the construction process, it is inevitable to use additives to make the construction effect better. If the amount cannot be controlled, it will cause a very active reaction and foam; When stirring, it will also generate a lot of foam when it comes into contact with air impurities, dust and other substances; when rainwater or moisture enters the high-temperature asphalt, it will react to generate a lot of foam.

    WACKER SE-47 defoamer 

    But don't worry, there is WACKER SE-47 defoamer to solve the problem. This defoamer can quickly break foam and is not affected by defoaming after adding additives; it does not react with dust and impurities in the air, and has stable chemical properties and good foam suppression effect; it can also defoam well under high temperature conditions. effect, high temperature resistance. 

    Zilibon Defoamer is committed to serving the defoaming needs of various industries. It has more than 20 imported general-purpose defoamers, and its products are suitable for 22 industries and more than 20 processes. The product has good performance and high cost performance. The supply is sufficient, the transportation system is perfect, and it can be dispatched within one working day on the day of ordering. If you have any needs or questions about defoamer, we will have a dedicated team to serve you, please call our service: Ms Crystal 86 13929201380.

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