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    Industrial additives will add a variety of surfactants when preparing raw materials, so it is easy to generate foam, but too much foam will affect the production process and cause more water resources. In order to reduce costs and expenses, industrial defoamers will be added to suppress part of the foam so that it is easier to produce.


    What is a good industrial defoamer?


    1. A good defoamer can reduce the surface tension well and has good water solubility.


    2. A good defoamer has suitable solubility in order to exert a better defoaming effect of the defoamer.


    3. A good defoamer has suitable miscibility and has a good balance of miscibility and immiscibility in the water system. Excessive solubility and insolubility will not produce the desired defoaming effect, which is the main reason for the difficulty in choosing a defoamer.


    4. The structural characteristics of a good defoamer. For example, the silicone antifoaming agent can adjust its miscibility and defoaming ability by changing the amount of dimethylsiloxane in the molecule and the type and length of the polyether hydrophilic group.

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