• The principle effect of silicone defoamer

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    Silicone defoamers are liquids with a particularly low surface tension containing polysiloxanes as their main active ingredient.

    The main components of silicone defoamer:


    1. The main component of the silicone defoamer is a linear polysiloxane (also known as silicone oil) that can remain liquid at room temperature as the active agent. The polysiloxane mainly has the following types: polydimethylsiloxane Alkane, fluorosilicone, glycol siloxane.


    2. Silicone oil is a non-volatile oily liquid at room temperature. It is insoluble in water, animal oil, vegetable oil and mineral oil, or has a small solubility. It can withstand both high temperature and low temperature. Inert chemical properties, stable physical properties, no biological activity.


    The performance of silicone defoamer:

    1. Break foaming: Add silicone defoamer to break the foam by reducing the surface tension of the liquid in the foaming system.


    2. Defoaming: The hydrophobic particles contained in the silicone defoamer reach the surface of the thin layer and begin to adsorb the surfactant at the top of the thin layer. The foam is also released due to the gradual disappearance of the surfactant.


    3. Anti foaming: The evenly dispersed silicone defoamer penetrates into the thin foam layer and forms a monomolecular film, which reduces the adhesion and facilitates the rupture of the thin layer to inhibit the regeneration of the foam.


    Silicone defoamer application:

    1. Silicone defoamer has good chemical stability and is difficult to react with other substances. The defoaming and defoaming functions for all air bubble systems belong to the broad spectrum defoamer category.


    2. Widely used for defoaming in the production process of detergents, paper, pulp, electroplating, fertilizers, additives and wastewater treatment.


    3. In the petroleum industry, it is widely used for desulfurization of natural gas and for accelerating the separation of oil and gas. It is also used to control or suppress air bubbles in equipment.

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