• Use circuit board defoamers when the circuit board has foam problems

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    With the continuous development of the printed circuit board industry, people's requirements for circuit boards are getting higher and higher. The cleaning of the circuit board has become a very important link to remove impurities and stains to avoid short circuits. In the process of cleaning circuit boards, the phenomenon of foaming will always occur, which affects the cleaning work of circuit boards, and even brings harm to the performance of circuit boards. Therefore, circuit board defoamer can be said to be the best choice to solve the problem

    Circuit board cleaning generally uses special board washing water, so that the cleaning effect is good, and the deoxidation effect is good without affecting the electronic components. However, in order to achieve the cleaning effect, these plate washing waters add a large amount of chemical additives, which contain surface active substances, and increase the temperature and agitation. In addition, when these circuit boards are cleaned, the oxidation reaction foam is not invited. Do you think this is over? The harm caused by foam to circuit boards is irreversible and attention should be paid to:

        1. The foam will cause damage to the circuit board and affect the performance of the circuit board. It is prone to failure when used.

        2. Foam will reduce the conductivity of the circuit board and reduce the service life.

        3. Foam will cause overflow in cleaning, pollute the surrounding environment and waste raw materials.

        Let's see what the circuit board defoamer can do:

        1. Strong defoaming, long-lasting foam suppression, less dosage, does not affect the basic properties of the foaming system

        2. Low COD, low consumption, strong defoaming power, high stability, not easy to dissolve

        3. It has good washability and will not remain on the board surface, resulting in a lack of quality in the post-process

        4. It will not affect the dry film to cause infiltration, will not affect the solderability, and has a wide range of operations


    The circuit board defoamer belongs to the silicon polyether type composite defoamer, which is easy to disperse in the water-based system, convenient to use, has rapid defoaming effect and continuous foam suppression function, and will not corrode the mechanical use temperature up to 90 . Its advantages are: good water solubility, no oil phase or less oil phase, no residual defoaming and anti-foaming function.

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