• Silicone defoamer manufacturer to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of silicone defoamer

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    "Foam" is ubiquitous in industrial production, such as industrial cleaning, processing liquids of the machine tank, various industrial and agricultural products additives, oil production links, water treatment. will produce foam to varying degrees. Foam not only affects the quality of production, but also brings great trouble to the construction operation. For the foam in industry, most can choose defoamer to eliminate and control, commonly used is silicone defoamer.

    In the industrial encounter foam, basically can be used to eliminate silicone defoamer, in addition to special industries or other highly transparent, acid and alkali resistant industries, there is no foam is silicone defoamer can not solve, today Zilibon silicone defoamer manufacturer to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of silicone defoamer.

    silicone defoamer manufacturer to analyze the advantages of silicone defoamer

    1, The use of a wide range: silicone defoamer can be used for both oil-based, can also be used in water-based system, is currently one of the more used defoamer types.

    2, Small surface tension: silicone oil, the main component of silicone surface tension is small, in 20 ~ 21 da / cm, so the defoaming effect is very fast.

    3, Strong defoaming ability: a very small amount of addition (1~100ppm) can effectively eliminate the foam already generated, to prevent secondary foaming, low cost.

    4, Environmental protection and non-toxic: silicone oil has been proved to be non-toxic, can be applied to food, medical, cosmetics and other industries, and does not pollute the material being defoamed.

    5, Good heat resistance: silicone in the dimethyl base silicone oil, can be heat-resistant 150 , a shorter period of time can be defoamed in more than 300 temperature, so silicone defoamer can be applied in a wider range of temperature it you.

    6, Good chemical stability: silicone in the silicone oil components of chemical performance stability is high, it is difficult to chemical reaction with other substances, if the formulation is reasonable, allowed to use in the system containing acids, alkalis, salts.

    silicone defoamer disadvantages.

    Silicone high temperature resistance and acid and alkali resistance is poor, if it is used in the coating, in the spraying or printing, painting process, easy to form shrinkage and pinhole, silicone defoamer will also affect the transparency.

    The above is Zilibon silicone defoamer manufacturer for so many years on the advantages and disadvantages of silicone system defoamer shallow analysis, in general, the advantages of silicone defoamer or more than the disadvantages. Industry encounter foam is inevitable, to choose the target defoamer to defoam, improve product quality and efficiency. More solutions to foam solutions in Zilibon silicone defoamer manufacturer.

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