• The difference between industrial cleaning defoamers

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    There are most industrial products in the manufacturing industry that need to be cleaned to maintain product characteristics as well as normal use. And industrial cleaning defoamer is always ready to be used to eliminate foam in these metal, steel, spray, circuit board product cleaning. Industrial cleaning antifoam agent why will be widely used? Mainly or its defoamer content is high and fast, the general dosage of only one thousandth to three can add less at the same time defoaming foam inhibition effect is also good. So industrial cleaning defoamer why will stand out in many ways to defoam it?

    There are two methods of foam elimination.

    From a physical point of view to consider the elimination of foam methods mainly include the placement of baffles or screens, mechanical agitation, electrostatic, freezing, heating, steam, radiation irradiation, high-speed centrifugation, pressure decompression, high-frequency vibration, instantaneous discharge and ultrasound (acoustic liquid control), etc., these methods are in varying degrees to promote the rate of gas transmission at both ends of the liquid film and the discharge of the bubble film, making the stabilization factor of the foam less than the decay factor and thus the number of bubbles is gradually reduced. However, the common disadvantage of these methods is that the use of environmental factors are more constrained, the rate of defoaming is not high, the advantages of environmental protection, high reuse rate.

    From the chemical point of view to eliminate the foam method mainly includes the chemical reaction method and the method of adding defoamer. The chemical reaction method refers to the chemical reaction with the foaming agent by adding some reagents to generate insoluble substances, thus reducing the concentration of surfactants in the liquid film and prompting the rupture of the foam, but this method has the disadvantages of uncertainty in the composition of the foaming agent and the production of insoluble substances that are harmful to the system equipment. Nowadays, the more widely used defoaming method in various industries is to add defoamer method, the advantages of this method is to break the foam with high efficiency, easy to use and other advantages, but the search for a suitable and efficient defoamer is the key.

    Industrial cleaning defoamer belongs to the chemical agents, that is, the use of chemical methods to eliminate foam. Mainly containing polyether and and fluorine raw materials through a special process compound, easily soluble in water, especially suitable for high temperature, strong acid and alkali, high shear force, high pressure conditions exist, continuous maintenance of defoaming, foam inhibition. It has good high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no floating, no oil floating; it can be widely used in a wide range of temperature for foam elimination and inhibition of various harsh systems.
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