• Properties of metal cleaning defoamer

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    Metal cleaning is a very important part of metal processing, and metal cleaning antifoam agent is also an integral part of it. This time many people will have questions, and cleaning and defoaming is not self-contradictory. The original ah, metal cleaning agents generally contain highly effective surfactants, when cleaning, there will be a lot of foam, and such foam not only can not improve the cleaning effect, but also affect the cleaning, and even cause losses. Here to see what the characteristics of metal cleaning defoamer.

    What are the advantages of metal cleaning antifoam agent.

    In the cleaning of the harsh environment in metal cleaning defoamer can eliminate a variety of stubborn foam for a long time to inhibit the generation of foam when cleaning. Metal cleaning defoamer can give full play to the role of defoaming and foam inhibition in various cleaning processes can meet the process requirements of various cleaning machines. For example: ultrasonic cleaning machine, automatic assembly line cleaning machine, textile industry cleaning machine. And will not produce oil spots, color spots, dirt on the cleaning materials. Suitable for a variety of cleaning industry defoaming and foam inhibition needs.

    Metal cleaning antifoam agent selection considerations.
    Because of the metal type of workpiece and the nature of the great difference so in the choice of metal cleaning antifoam agent to consider first: the causes of foam are which. For example: oil sludge, gutter, carbon, rust. Stubborn oil and lubricating oil residue oil are to pay attention to when choosing. At the same time, the material and environment of the metal workpiece is also need to pay attention to, for example, some precision instruments, instrument parts for foam treatment to give priority to neutral, non-corrosive, defoaming and foam inhibition ability of metal cleaning antifoam agent.
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