• Common types and characteristics of defoamer for power plant wastewater treatment

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    Thermal power generation process is recycled water is used in addition to the recycling system is also used for many equipment cleaning. Resulting in a large amount of sewage wastewater and power plant wastewater treatment defoamer is specifically to solve this problem. But there are many types of power plant wastewater treatment defoamer. The effect is also related to the type of foaming fluid. This is why some defoamers are effective but not obvious or even useless. Commonly used power plant wastewater treatment defoamer according to the different components can be divided into the following points.

    The first category is silicon is the common silicone, modified silicone and silicone resin emulsion type defoamer. In addition the use method is also convenient and quick to directly emulsify the defoamer and disperse it in water and add it to the wastewater. Silicon dioxide powder powder type defoamer is also a better defoaming performance of silicon defoamer.

    The second category is the surfactant type is also known as emulsifier. It has a certain degree of defoaming function. The use of surfactants to disperse the role of the formation of foam substances in the water to maintain a stable emulsified state so as to disperse to avoid foam generation.

    The third category is the mineral oil as the main defoaming components in order to increase the defoaming effect will be mixed with other insoluble foam medium oil and also contains hydrophobic silica to improve performance so as to achieve the effect of rapid defoaming.

    Power plant wastewater treatment defoamer can be added directly to the foaming system can also be diluted and then used in accordance with the form of drip or spray added to the wastewater in accordance with the amount of the total amount of wastewater from one thousandth to about three. However, in the case of rigorous system, it should be decided according to the experiment. But after dilution, please use immediately or the product performance and quality will be affected.

    Power plant wastewater treatment defoamer defoaming fast, long foam inhibition time. Can effectively eliminate all kinds of foam in the process of power plant wastewater treatment, easily soluble in water, fast dispersion and good phase solubility. Not bleaching oil does not precipitate chemical performance is stable. The important thing is that it does not affect the effect and progress of power plant wastewater treatment after use.

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