• Precautions for steel plate cleaning defoamer

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    Most of the cleaning agent classifications can be divided into industrial and daily cleaning agents. Daily cleaning is generally used as a washing tool. As a rigorous industrial cleaning agent, it has high requirements. First of all, the main issue is the foaming problem cleaning certainly has bubbles but too much will be counterproductive. Steel plate cleaning defoamer to briefly introduce what exactly to choose steel plate cleaning defoamer, and what are the considerations?

    In steel plate cleaning common steel plate cleaning agent acid and alkaline with water and surfactants plus its production and production constantly receive the influence of external physical conditions, strong acids, and alkalis added to a series of operations, resulting in the accumulation of large amounts of foam. And can not dissipate on their own, more and more, and eventually seriously affect the normal production and the subsequent processing process. And steel plate cleaning antifoam agent is to solve this problem.

    In the use of steel plate cleaning defoamer, due to the factors of the operating environment, it is important to do a good job of protective measures. The first is the need to bring good gloves and protective clothing to avoid strong acid and alkali cleaning fluids splashed on the skin to bring the impact. In the use of a defoamer, mix the defoamer, according to the appropriate amount of slowly added to give full play to its role. After adding the defoamer, fully stir the defoamer and cleaning solution, so that it is quickly dissolved, to play the function of defoaming, and foam inhibition. Finally, it is worth noting that once the defoamer is diluted, please use it as soon as possible to avoid failure.

    Steel plate cleaning defoamer can do the cleaning fluid and cleaning object does not affect the performance and quality and is suitable for strong acid and alkali harsh environment operations, external links to its defoaming performance are not affected, belongs to the acid and alkali resistant defoamer. In the phase of solubility is easy to dissolve in water, has fast dispersion, fast to achieve the effect of defoaming. And steel plate cleaning antifoam agent type composition is complete, there is no silicone polyether special antifoam agent, for the cleaning agent can meet the special system requirements without oil bleaching, silicon-free. And widely used in metal cleaning agents, general strong acid strong alkali high-pressure cleaning, degreasing agent, degreasing powder, alkaline aluminum parts degreasing powder, general coating cleaning, degreasing powder, electroplating, stainless steel cleaning, high-pressure spray cleaning, spray grease off cleaning, industrial water treatment, chemical cleaning.
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