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    Nowadays, cutting fluids have long been widely used in the field of metal processing, which mainly plays the role of lubrication, rust prevention, cleaning, and cooling. Chemical synthetic cutting fluid is a new type of water-based cutting fluid, which is compounded by various additives and has the advantages of stable performance, long service life, and low pollution, but in the process of use, it is found that its disadvantage is that it is easy to foam during use, which directly affects its lubrication and cooling effect. Foam is insoluble gas under the action of external forces into the liquid, and is isolated by the liquid non-homogeneous system, that is, the gas is dispersed in the liquid limb system. Therefore, cutting fluid defoamer was born. Do you know the working principle of cutting fluid defoamer?
    The working principle of cutting fluid defoamer.

    Cutting fluid bubbles to be redistributed through the bubble, thinning the thickness of the adsorption film in order to naturally defoam. The redistribution of bubbles is mainly due to the additional pressure caused by the different sizes of bubbles in the cutting fluid, when the gas diffusion through the boundary from small bubbles to large bubbles, so that small bubbles become smaller, large bubbles become larger and break. Thinning adsorption film thickness by drainage and evaporation, when the formation of bubbles in the cutting fluid, for the liquid is concave liquid while, additional pressure points to the middle of the curvature, this force makes the liquid move to cause the film wall thinning, so that the bubble rupture. Natural defoaming time is long to meet the requirements, but according to the above principle we can purposely add the corresponding substances to make it defoam quickly. When the foam is generated, you can add a substance with a lower surface tension, so that it quickly penetrates the liquid film between the foam, due to the low surface tension of the liquid automatically flow to the high surface tension of the liquid, causing the bubble stress imbalance. Prevent the formation of bubbles, so as to achieve the purpose of defoaming and foam inhibition.

    The amount of cutting fluid defoamer.

    Defoamer manufacturers developed chemical synthetic cutting fluid is a concentrated solution, add 20 times water to flush thin when used, special compound cutting fluid defoamer directly into the dilute solution can achieve good defoaming, but the use of inconvenient, it should be added to the concentrated solution. According to the above orthogonal experiments to get the ratio of the compound defoamer formulated to join the amount and join the process experiments. The experiment shows that this compound defoamer should be added in the process of cutting fluid formulation and the adding amount. It is added in two steps, the first step is added in the middle of synthesis, which can make the defoamer react with the original liquid and inhibit the foam during the reaction, and the second step is added in the late reaction. Adding the defoamer in stages can give better performance and also reduce the amount of addition.
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