• What is dimethyl silicone oil defoamer?

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    Dimethyl silicone oil has various excellent characteristics, so it has been widely used in various sectors of industrial and agricultural production, the national defense industry, scientific research, and medical and health sectors. It is widely used in electrical insulation, mold release, defoaming, damping, shockproofing, rolling, dustproof, waterproofing, high and low wetting, etc. Today we talk about dimethyl silicone oil defoamer.

    Polydimethylsiloxane, also known as dimethyl silicone oil, is a hydrophobic class of silicone materials. Pharmaceuticals, household chemicals, food, construction, and other fields have applications, and their derivatives have reached hundreds of species. Dimethyl silicone oil is a colorless or light yellow liquid, tasteless, with high transparency, heat resistance, cold resistance, a small change in viscosity with temperature, water resistance, small surface tension, thermal conductivity, non-toxic and tasteless, physiologically inert, good chemical stability. Electrical insulation and weather resistance, good hydrophobicity, and high shear resistance. With excellent physical properties, it can be directly used for moisture-proof insulation, damping, shock absorption, defoaming, lubrication, polishing, etc. It is widely used as insulation and lubrication, shock-proof, oil and dust-proof, dielectric fluid, and heat carrier. As well as used as a defoamer, demolding agent, paint, and daily chemical additives.

    Dimethyl silicone oil defoamer

    Dimethyl silicone oil is the raw material of silicone defoamer, dimethyl silicone oil can be used as a defoamer, but defoamer can only be used as a defoamer.
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