• What industrial cleaning defoamer?

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    The industrial cleaning industry has long been an important part of the industrial economy and has been developed. It has the role of improving product quality, reducing environmental pollution, and restoring aesthetic appearance. In industrial cleaning, the foam problem has always been difficult. Today we will teach you, what is industrial cleaning defoamer.

    Common causes of foaming in industrial cleaning.

    Pure water and pure surfactants do not foam, this is because their surface and internal are uniform, it is difficult to form an elastic film, and even if the formation is not stable, it will disappear instantly. However, when there is a surfactant in the solution after the bubble is formed, due to the intermolecular force, the hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups in its molecules are adsorbed by the bubble wall and create a regular arrangement, with the hydrophilic group facing the water phase and the hydrophobic group facing the bubble, thus forming an elastic film at the bubble interface, which is very stable and not easy to break under normal conditions. The stability of the bubble is related to the surface viscosity and elasticity, electrical repulsion, movement of the surface film, temperature, evaporation, and other factors. Further, the bubble is related to the surface tension of the liquid inverse change, the smaller its tension, the easier it is to bubble. In life and production, many times the emergence of foam brings a lot of inconvenience to people, so it must be defoamed.  

    Industrial cleaning in several everyday cleaning defoamers.

    Electroplating cleaning defoamer: electroplating is the basic process of manufacturing, due to the unique technical and economic advantages of electrochemical processing, not only can not be replaced entirely but also in the field of precision electronics, medical devices, automotive manufacturing, aviation equipment, communications equipment, and other areas continue to make breakthroughs. But the electroplating cleaning process is difficult to clear the foam, so the need to use an electroplating cleaning defoamer

    Coating cleaning antifoam agent: the coating is an important part of modern product manufacturing. Anti-rust and anti-corrosion coating quality are important aspects of product quality. The quality of product appearance reflects product protection and decorative performance and constitutes an important factor of the product value. Coating cleaning is the pre-treatment process of coating, which is to eliminate the oil and dust on the surface of the painted object before coating, and in this process, a large amount of foam will be generated, which affects the effect of cleaning and slows down the progress of processing.

    Metal cleaning defoamer: In recent years, the new metal cleaning agent has gradually been widely used. It can replace diesel, kerosene, and gasoline to clean parts and cheap and environmentally friendly use. Very suitable for mechanical cleaning operations. It can clean the metal without rusting, which is called metal cleaner. However, because the cleaning process leads to a large amount of foam in the metal and the subsequent adverse effects, metal cleaning defoamer has also long been included as an indispensable part.
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