• Printing ink in defoamer to solve the problem of printing foam

    By : Zilibon
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    Ink is generally used more in the printing industry, ink is an important material used for printing, it is printed through the pattern, text performance on the substrate, ink is mainly produced with organic solvents as solvents, you need to add a variety of additives, additives stirred with each other to react, easy to cause the ink in the production or use of foam, can not be timely cleaning foam will affect the entire workflow. Printing ink in defoamer has a great role in this regard.

    On the morning of March 28, 2023, Zilibon received a call from Alex, a Malaysian company specializing in the production of printing inks, and learned from the telephone communication that Alex, because the ink in the production process and the use of the process often appear foam, the customer responded that the ink foaming problem is very serious, and now urgently need to find a defoamer to eliminate foam, and found Zilibon on the Internet. We hope our defoamer can solve the sample foaming problem.

    After understanding Alex's needs, Jin from Zilibon gave her opinion and suggested that Alex could use a printing ink in defoamer, which is suitable for use in printing ink systems and will not cause additional impact on the basic properties and performance of the printing ink. After hearing this, Alex decided to try it first and then consider buying a large quantity later.

    After a few days, we received a 300kg order and a phone call from Alex, indicating that he would like to work with us for a long time.
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