• What is metal cleaning defoamer?

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    The metal cleaning agent is widely used in cleaning all kinds of metal materials industrial cleaning agent, the primary purpose is to remove the organic matter on the metal surface and other foreign material protection. However, in the process of using the cleaning agent, because it contains surfactant components, too much foam will affect the cleaning intensity and effect. When choosing a defoamer for hardware surface cleaning, people care whether it has a long-lasting defoaming function. Whether it will affect the brightness of the hardware surface is usually ignored beforehand. After use, the brightness of the hardware surface can reflect the quality of the hardware cleaning defoamer. Then look at the defoamer for metal cleaning.

    People in the hardware industry know that the surface of hardware processing is tough to deal with, such as oil stains, oxidation, rust, surface impurities, etc. In order to maintain the cleanliness, brightness, and color of the hardware surface, cleaning agents should be used and although whitening agents are used, these additives exist too much surface activity factor, after pressure mixing, the material will have a strong reactivity, thus forming a bunch of bubbles. Improper bubble treatment will affect the brightness of the hardware surface and greatly increase production costs. It has a wide range of applications and can adapt to the process requirements of various cleaning machines such as ultrasonic cleaning machines, automatic line cleaning machines, large textile industrial cleaning machines, etc. It will not cause defects such as oil spots, stains, and rust on clean objects. Suitable for every cleaning industry's needs of defoaming and defoaming.

    Defoamer for metal cleaning will make hardware surface eliminate foam quickly and perform better. It contains a variety of natural biodegradable surfactants, brighteners, rust removers, and cleaners. The foaming product is used in small amounts. The important point is that it does not affect the brightness of the hardware surface, so the hardware surface is bright and colored and does not interfere with cleaning.
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