• Importance of defoamer for drilling mud

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    Drilling exploration operations are used in many fields, especially in oil extraction operations, drilling operations are the basis of oil extraction. And one of the additives defoamer for drilling mud is suitable for defoaming in strong acid and alkali conditions, and can maintain a good physical state under the harsh temperature, with no emulsion, no oil bleaching, and defoaming rather than room temperature has a strong bubble-breaking and foam inhibition effect, defoaming quickly, foam inhibition for a long time, the use of this product defoamer dosage is small, the use of low cost. It has become an indispensable additive for drilling fluid, mainly in the following four aspects.
    Requirements of the drilling cycle
    The requirements of drilling circulation for drilling fluid are low pump pressure (low viscosity), high sand carrying capacity (high dynamic cutting force), low starting pump pressure (low static cutting force), good lubrication performance, low friction, and low wear (less solid particles). Drilling mud defoamer, high shear resistance, good compatibility, will not change the drilling fluid pumping pressure, lubricity, noise-carrying capacity, etc.

    To maintain the stability of the borehole
    To balance the pressure column of drilling fluid with the formation pressure in the strata drilled through, the drilling fluid density is stable; to balance the pressure of oil and gas by the pressure column of drilling fluid when drilling oil and gas strata requires proper drilling fluid density. The drilling fluid is required to have the performance to overcome unstable formations, such as mudstone absorbing water and swelling causing borehole contraction; conglomerate and volcanic rock collapsing due to water, salt rock forming cavities due to water, etc., i.e. different nature of drilling fluid is required. Drilling mud defoamer can well eliminate and inhibit the bubbles generated by the mud in various parts of the drilling process, especially the fine bubble defoaming effect is very good; add less, the active ingredient only needs to add a fraction, and the density recovery rate can reach more than 90%. It can keep the density of drilling fluid stable well, and it is easier to maintain the balance between the pressure column of drilling fluid and formation pressure.

    Requirement of drilling fluid to protect the oil and gas formation
    After drilling opens the oil and gas formation, the drilling fluid is in contact with the formation. In order to prevent the drilling fluid from damaging the formation, the drilling fluid is required to have a small water loss, a thin mud cake (after the drilling fluid loses water, the solid pressure difference solid particles form a mud cake ring on the good wall), low solid phase content, low hydration of the filtrate (the chemical interaction between the filtrate and the fluid in the formation after entering the formation), etc. Drilling mud defoamer, has good chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, high mineralization resistance, and temperature resistance. It will not damage the oil and gas formation.
    Protect the environment and ecology
    Drilling fluids often contain crude oil, diesel oil, and various oils as well as a large number of chemical treatment agents. In order to prevent the possible impact of drilling fluids on the environment and ecology, it is required to use harmless and non-toxic drilling fluids. Drilling mud defoamer, a modified organosilicon product, is physiologically inert, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly, and will not cause pollution to the environment.
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