• The role of water based paint defoamer

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    The water solubility of the defoamer is an important performance indicator, because most of the defoamers in the use of the process are used with the liquid, so the water solubility to a large extent promotes the use of defoamer. In the liquid, the water solubility determines the quality of the defoamer. In the use of a defoamer, the defoamer is completely dissolved in the liquid. Only when they are all melted in the liquid, the defoamer can play an important role in the mixing. For defoamers alone, water solubility is a very important indicator, not to mention defoamers for waterborne paint. The requirement of water solubility for a defoamer in water based paint is very strict. Because we should pay attention not only to the use of defoamer but also to the melting of defoamer in industrial paint. These indicators will largely promote the production and development of water based paint defoamer.

    Advantages of water based paint defoamer:
    In traditional industrial production, especially in the construction industry. In the absence of defoamer auxiliary use, the exterior painting work will actually delay the operation for a longer period of time. This is because the material being mixed in use will have to wait because of the foam. Such a wait is a waste of time. In today's society, time is money. Therefore, with the introduction of water based paint defoamer, this problem has been solved at the root. It has not only improved efficiency but also facilitated the development of the construction industry to a great extent. In the construction industry, the application of water-based paint defoamers is now very popular. Not only in the production time can save a lot of working hours, but at the same time because of the characteristics of water solubility, the combination of defoamer and paint also greatly shortens the reaction time. The application of silicone defoamer in industrial construction is a milestone because it has largely changed the traditional way of working and brought companies a greater economic return in the same working time.
    Water-based paint defoamer considerations:
    To choose the defoamer for water-based coatings with excellent stability, strong defoaming and foam inhibition ability and will not affect the gloss of the coating products.

    To test whether it affects the recoating performance here we recommend using the high-speed mixing method. Set the speed of the machine, the amount of mixing time and viscosity, etc, and compare the foam elimination time and the length of foam inhibition time of the same height.

    Most of the water-based paint defoamer can not be added directly to the diluted water-based paint, it is best to add when the viscosity of the paint/resin is relatively high and the first time to add the timing in the grinding material, the second time in the paint, the amount of each 1/2.

    The amount of defoamer for water-based paint is 0.1~0.3%, it is not recommended to add too much, because it may cause bad reactions, such as shrinkage, oil splash, and other problems.

    You can also judge whether you have chosen the right defoamer for water-based coatings from the speed and stirring time, adhesion, and foam height.
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