• The function of a defoamer for petroleum

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    Oil prices are currently rising again. In the face of a complex and changing international environment, the oil industry wants to seize the global oil prices at a relatively high level of favorable timing, of course, to take advantage of this time to promote increased storage on production. However, high oil production has emerged as a foam problem, and it is time to use Zilibon's defoamer for petroleum. Oil foam problems in front of the oil defoamer are a small thing.
    Effectiveness of defoamer for petroleum

    In order to increase the rate of oil extraction, extraction aids are often added to assist in the extraction process, but with them comes that pesky foam! Adding additives containing surfactants and oil itself complex substances, resulting in the extraction process bubbles, want to improve the extraction rate while not wishing to be troubled by foam. You can let the defoamer for petroleum play its role.

    Defoamer for petroleum is composed of special polysiloxane, high activity polyether through a special process, defoaming and foam inhibition ability, with a good ability to eliminate a large number of foam in the oil extraction process, water solubility and good dispersion performance, can penetrate the foam surfactant film into the double layer of bubbles caused by the rupture, the ability to inhibit the subsequent foam again. Oil defoamer in addition to the extraction of auxiliary foam and oil itself complex material foam can also solve the production process, internal and external temperature differences, and internal and external pressure related to the cause of the foam, which can be said to be a triple whammy.
    Oil production enhancement cannot be achieved without a defoamer for petroleum

    Suppose the foam in the oil production process is not dealt with in a timely manner. In that case, the foam will reduce the purity of the oil, and there will be foam overflow causing environmental pollution and waste of raw materials. Oil defoamer can make the oil no longer foam and affect its purity; can also make the oil later burn thoroughly to ensure its quality and more durable; more importantly, you can let the process of extraction no longer the foam affect the extraction rate.

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