• Water based defoamer, what do you know?

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    Water based defoamer as a special defoamer for sewage treatment is specifically designed for the water treatment process. Its use up defoaming speed, and foam inhibition lasting, the application is also extremely wide, used in the pharmaceutical industry, paper industry, leather industry, printing and dyeing industry, etc., which plays a vital role in the treatment of municipal wastewater, also including chemical cleaning and other kinds of foaming system. The use of water-based defoamer formulations is environmentally friendly, the product is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and does not affect the reproduction of bacteria. It is important to add to the water-based glue, waterproof coatings, water-based ink, water-based ink, and water-based varnish not only defoaming, and will not cause product shrinkage. Especially for the PCB industry, water-based paint sewage, and mesh film sewage treatment industry are very helpful.

    Water based defoamer why widely used

    Water-based defoamer is a water emulsion form of defoamer, is the introduction of modern technology, combined with a water treatment system, synthesized from polydimethylsiloxane through a special process, water-based defoamer has a rapid elimination of various foam and a long time y inhibit foam generation. Also has a small amount, good diffusion permeability, chemical stability, strong oxidation resistance, and other characteristics, which is the reason people love more water-soluble defoamers.
    Advantages of water based defoamer

    The obvious advantage of a water based defoamer is to change the silicon defoamer will be residual silicon spots, erosion of machinery and equipment shortcomings, will not residual silicon spots on machinery and equipment, etc. Has excellent permeability and dispersion, and can quickly penetrate the solution inside, and spread to the solution around, in the high-temperature spray cleaning industry and other harsh environments can still play a stable defoaming and anti-foaming effect.

    Now on the market, there are many components of different water based defoamers, you need to match the composition of the defoamer according to the situation of their own solution, you can first test, stir well before use, directly add and drop method, test the effect, and then choose out the water-soluble defoamer for yourself.
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