• The impact of water treatment defoamer

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    The purpose of water treatment is to improve the water quality and make it reach a certain water quality standard. According to the different treatment methods, there are physical water treatment, chemical water treatment, biological water treatment, and other kinds. According to the different treatment objects or purposes, there are two categories of water treatment and wastewater treatment. Water treatment, including drinking water treatment and industrial water treatment two categories, wastewater treatment and domestic sewage treatment and industrial wastewater treatment. The advantages of water treatment defoamer are fast defoaming speed, long foam inhibition time, high efficiency, low dosage, easy dispersion in water, can be well compatible with liquid products, does not affect the progress of water treatment, water quality index testing and discharge, and versatility, low COD, low consumption, low cost.
    Defoamer will affect the microorganisms in water treatment:

    Defoamer added too much will increase the liquid film resistance, which affects the dissolution of oxygen, and the transfer of other substances. A large number of bubbles break, resulting in a rapid reduction in gas-liquid contact area, which leads to a decrease in KLA and a lower oxygen supply with no change in oxygen consumption. Therefore, defoamers do not affect the microflora, however, excessive addition can affect oxygen transfer. The growth of foam is regular, and different foaming systems have different rules. In most cases, excessive foam is solved by using defoamer. However, in the middle and late stages, the growth of foam may be caused by insufficient nutrients and self-melting of the bacteria. At this time, in addition to the use of defoamer, but also with the supplement, supplemental nutrients to maintain the growth of microorganisms and inhibit the foam while also increasing the oxygen consumption.
    Application of water treatment defoamer and the existence of questions:

    Water treatment defoamer in many sewage treatment have applications, such as industrial sewage, domestic sewage, agricultural sewage, desalination, pharmaceutical sewage, and other types of wastewater treatment, all kinds of recycling sewage treatment, all kinds recycling industrial sewage, etc., but most of them are in the room temperature, an alkaline system of the water treatment industry. Water treatment defoamer application, there will naturally be many consumers worried about adding water treatment defoamer will not have an impact on the water, the following summary of the four points we often worry about: worry about the water treatment defoamer defoaming effect is not good, can not achieve complete defoaming; worry about the water treatment defoamer foam inhibition performance is not good, resulting in the second generation of foam; worry about the addition of water treatment defoamer, will cause the water system PH, iron content, total alkalinity, total phosphorus, total calcium, and magnesium indicators exceed the standard, resulting in secondary pollution of the water body. Worried that the water treatment defoamer will harm the biological bacteria in the water, affecting the MBR system and damaging the permeate membrane thus leading to blockage of the ultrafiltration membrane.
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