• The role of paint defoamer

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    With the booming market of real estate and building materials, the coating industry has seen a huge opportunity for development. This means that the market potential of the paint industry is very large, then production, in order to seize market share, will have to improve production efficiency. However, this is obstructed by the foam, but the foam is not invulnerable, you can choose to add paint defoamer to break it one by one. Can paint defoamers really eliminate the foam produced in paint production?
    Paint manufacturers will add many additives to the paint, including a variety of resins, pigments, solvents, and stabilizers. These additives will make the coating in the process of use will produce foam, resulting in cracks in the coating film, fish eyes, and other defects that affect product quality; foam in the production process will limit the rate of mixing so that the mixing time is extended, but also cause packaging data measurement errors, so that the weight of the finished product after defoaming error. This is not only to reduce production efficiency but also to make economic efficiency is also reduced.

    In the face of various problems due to foam, can be used to solve the coating defoamer. Coating defoamer is an organic polyether ester, mineral oil, and alcohol compound product after a special process is refined. Good defoamer, long foam inhibition time, easy to disperse, when the coating defoamer is added its molecules will quickly penetrate and disperse in the bubble film, so that its surface tension is reduced, resulting in rupture, reducing the ability of bubble adhesion, can make the bubble easier to break. Good heat resistance, and chemical stability in the external environment changes will not appear in the case of chemical reactions leading to emulsion failure, but still stable defoaming and foam inhibition for subsequent use without impact is guaranteed.
    How to balance the amount between leveling agent and the defoamer in paint? Leveling agent is a coating additive, which can promote the formation of smooth and uniform coating film in the process of coating film formation. When the amount of defoamer is too much, it will affect the coating film and lead to the phenomenon of shrinkage. This time we have to use leveling agent to solve this problem, but when adding leveling agent will reduce the defoaming effect and longevity of the defoamer. So the dosage of the two is particularly important, the standard dosage can make the coating defoamer effective defoaming at the same time can also make the leveling agent promote smooth and flat coating film. The balance between the two additives is to achieve a good effect, so I recommend the use of a small test to find the standard dosage Oh!

    To sum up, in the face of the market environment of the coating demand, and the high requirements of consumers on the quality of coatings, a coating defoamer is just like a big helper to help coating companies improve quality and efficiency.
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