• The difference of water-based mineral oil defoamer

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    At present, the market can use many kinds of defoamer, and water-based systems with defoamers there are three major categories, mineral oil class, the market to carry out an economic share of 80%; silicone class, the market research value share of 17%; polyether class, the market product sales share of 3%. Among them, water-based mineral oil defoamer is cost-effective, and widely used in most domestic industries, but its defoaming effect is significantly lower than silicone defoamer and polyether defoamer. So, the advantages of water-based mineral oil defoamer at the end where is, how to choose and use more appropriate?
    The advantages of water-based mineral oil in water-based coating system:

    Silicone defoamer can reduce the tension on the surface of the coating, has excellent defoaming and foam inhibition ability, small effect on the coating film gloss in different environmental factors, but the use of improper, will produce poor recoatability, coating film shrinkage, and other surface unevenness, polyether defoamer on the compatibility requirements are higher, weaker defoaming ability.

    The water-based mineral oil defoamer, in addition to having a fast defoaming speed also has up to several hours of foam inhibition effect, and the foaming system with a high degree of matching. Can be carried out in high temperatures and strong alkalis and other harsh environments, while the effect is still good. After the use of oil bleaching, emulsion breaking and other phenomena will not occur
    Application and selection of aqueous mineral oil defoamer:

    Water-based mineral oil defoamer is suitable for use in water-based systems with weak emulsification properties, such as emulsion paints, coatings, adhesives, inks, and other systems with low emulsification properties, easy to emulsify in water-based systems to form uniform distribution, so the possibility of producing surface defects such as shrinkage, loss of light is reduced at the same time can also reduce microbubbles. However, it should be noted that because mineral oil and wax and contains a small amount of silicone and use of special preparation process, has very good storage stability of the product, even after a long period of storage is not easy to appear separation or settlement phenomenon.
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